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One of the most common and universal techniques a shaman employs is retrieval of a lost soul part. 

Soul loss occurs when we experience any kind of trauma, shock, pain or loss. A part of the soul, an essence, leaves the body as a natural self-defense mechanism to avoid the pain of a particular experience. 

Symptoms of soul loss include depression, suicidal ideation, addiction, chronic illness, prolonged grief, PTSD, blank gaps in memory, and disconnection with the body.

Causations of soul loss include, but are not limited to any kind of abuse, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, sexual, or spiritual abuse, the death of a loved one, including the death of a pet, divorce or separation (your own or your parents), any kind of an accident, hospitalization, surgery, childbirth, long-term illness, financial loss, loss of home, experiencing natural disasters, war or violence. 

Shamans work with a client to locate, heal and bring back lost soul parts and to assist the client in processing and integrating the return of the soul parts.

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