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Shamans believe that each of us has a spirit guardian whose job it is to protect and empower us throughout our life. 

These guardians are from the nature kingdom and may come in the form of an animal, winged one or being from the waters. They are here to serve as compassionate and benevolent allies and protectors, and each one has great wisdom and brings specific power, strength, protection, talents and purpose to assist an individual on his/her path in life.  

Shamans believe we are all born with power allies/guides/guardians. However, at various times in our lives, we can all benefit from having additional power to help us when we are recovering from illness, surgery, trauma, or trying to start something new or leave something behind. Power retrieval also addresses the issue of power loss. Symptoms of power loss may include: chronic illness, chronic misfortune or bad luck, frequent accidents, long-term patterns of victimization, and depression. 

Power retrieval is a healing modality and a great gift to receive. It is important to note that a shaman does not choose your power ally. Spirit reads your heart and knows exactly what you need. It is the shamans job to locate your power and bring it to you with information as to the specific gifts and assistance that the ally offers to you.

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