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Reiki for animal healing, as an alternative therapy is now being applied to animals for treatment and general well-being. Many veterinarians are subscribing Reiki as a support system in addition to conventional veterinary medicine.

Reiki healing does not involve the administration of any drugs, just gentle physical hands-on contact with the animal, so it can not harm pets in any way.

Animal Reiki is recommended for treating pain, anxiety and behavioral problems. Reiki therapy can be calming and can help an agitated animal become a more loving pet to be around.

You need to be aware of subtle changes in the animal’s behavior, animals can easily get hurt when we are away; jumping, playing, chasing toys or feeling energetic and trying to dissipate it by running around the house. If you come home and your pet seems lethargic and unconcerned with your presence, or licking itself more than usual, or doesn’t have energy to eat, play, etc., it could be they are not feeling well. If a sickness or injury is left unattended it decreasing the flow of energy to the animal, if left untreated this can result in permanent damage and lengthen treatment time. It is important to have a Reiki session on your pet as soon as you sense any changes in behavioral habits; i.e., temperament, eating, elimination and general malaise.

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