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There are times when ancestral work is necessary for an individual to move forward on his/her path. 

Whether we like it or not, we are the sum total of our ancestors embodied here on earth. We carry their gifts, talents, courage, and biology, and we may also carry their negative beliefs, thought patterns, and contracts (both conscious and unconscious) they had when they were alive. For example, many women unconsciously carry the limiting beliefs from the women in their lineage about who they can be as women in this world. Part of the ancestral work I do is to locate the negative belief that has flowed through the family line, determine where it resides in the body of the client and release it, thereby freeing the client from the negative or limiting belief. This work may or may not involve bringing an ancestor in to the session.  

Other types of ancestral healing include helping the client to forgive a deceased parent or grandparent for wrongs that were done, lifting of family curses, removal of unhealthy family contracts, healing a deceased soul or group of souls in the family, and assisting the client in completion of unfinished family business.

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