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During this session you and your partner will open energies and we will explore the workings of your relationship together. Whether it’d be a specific question you may want to explore together, or to look at your relationship in general, a couples reading is designed to open a dialogue more. This reading is designed to open communication between partners and find peace.

When you enter a reading as a couple it is always important to come with a clear mind, and not seek to place blame on each other. If you and your partner make it a focus to bring joy, love, light and kindness into your relationship, you will both be amazed at how quickly your relationship can transform. During your reading Jeanni will act as an unbiased third party and assist both partners in finding a peaceful compromise, or a better place. After a session you and your partner will feel at peace, relieved, happy, and achieve an overall sense of calm. Allow Jeanni to help you both reach this level of peace.

ONE ON ONE: Ask questions about your abilities or about being an Empath. Book a Session.

COUPLES: Dating an Empath and need help in dealing with each others energy, need help learning each other's love language, learn how to cut and protect yourselves from each other's energies. Less fighting, Be happy. Book a Session.

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