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Homes, buildings, and land can absorb and collect energies, leaving an energetic imprint that can be felt and sensed. Often times these energies are not positive or beneficial and can either interfere with the sale of a property, or be the cause of sickness, misfortune, or lack of well-being to the occupants of a property. Energetic imprints come from people who have previously occupied the home or building or from events that occurred at these locations, and can remain for many years, even centuries. For example, if the occupants of a home fought a lot, or if there was violence in the home, then an imprint of that energy will remain which can make it difficult for the home to sell. The same holds true if someone was very ill and died at home, a residue of sadness may remain. Land also can hold energy, especially when there is a history to the area. If there was bloodshed or displacement of people then the land will hold that imprint. The energetic clearing of a home, building or land is a wise course of action for anyone wishing to sell or purchase a new property.

Jeannie provides clearing for homes and buildings, land clearing and healing, and also creates special blessing ceremonies for owners of new homes and new businesses.

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