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When you hear the word “ritual” what do you think about?

When you hear the word “ritual” what do you think about?

You might immediately associate the term with pentagrams, circles of candles, ominous chanting and cloaked figures. You might picture occult symbols, darkly lit rooms, voodoo dolls or any number of other stereotypical images linked with the word.

The word “ritual” is almost always assumed to have religious connotations after all, almost every culture since the beginning of time has incorporated rituals into their spiritual and religious ceremonies. From the ancient Egyptians, Native Americans and Mayans, to the Buddhists, Christians, Jews and Muslims, rituals of every kind have been created and sustained for almost every purpose imaginable.

So it might come as a surprise to you to discover that rituals don’t have to be religious. In other words, you don’t have to belong to any tradition to practice them, you don’t have to be religious or spiritual to practice them, and you don’t have to make them “occult” or “new age” to practice them.

What is a Ritual and How Can You Benefit from One?

The beautiful thing about rituals is that they are a habitual set of actions that are imbued with deep and personally significant meaning. Rituals, when practiced consistently and introspectively, can have an immensely beneficial impact on your life.

But the truth is and something vital to remember, is that rituals in and of themselves have no power of their own. Think of them like you would a cup: a cup is a vessel for life nourishing water, but when it's empty it doesn’t serve us much purpose. The same can be said for rituals.

With the above being said, here are some benefits of having a ritual:

• Rituals help you to “banish” bad habits.

• Rituals help you "banish" negative energy.

• Rituals help you to heal.

• Rituals help you to create closure.

• Rituals help you to “invoke” the healing powers of transformation.

• Rituals help you to remain focused and goal orientated.

• Rituals help you to develop self-discipline.

The power of our rituals is directly dependent on the power of our will and intention. In a sense, rituals are like symbolic commitments we make to ourselves to grow, to strengthen, to heal and to surrender.

I am a Native American Shaman and Medicine Woman, and I practice many rituals.

Some rituals I learned from my Grandmother who raised me, being a Curandera (Medicine Woman) herself. Some are rituals I have learned from mentors and Shamans and Spiritual friends over my years of living on this earth.

When I offer these rituals I get asked if I know they are Pagan, Wiccan, Ancient etc... yes, they probably are, but it does not mean I am of or that specific religion. I am Native American and I am Spiritual. I use rituals because they work.

If you want to learn about specific rituals or need a ritual done for love, letting go, cutting the cord, water healing, prosperity, money etc... Book a Session with me, if you need help in deciding,

book a free 30 minute consultation with me.

Article Jeannie & Lonewulf

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