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How To Create An Altar

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

With the rise of significance centered around publicly acknowledging healing work through ancestral trauma and spirituality, connecting with our roots through the loving guidance from your local Curanderx (Healer) has become increasingly normal in today’s societal shift. It’s a homecoming of sorts, reverting back to the knowledge that was once understood as an extension of our culture, which is now making its rounds pivoting away from a concept misaligned largely around negative misconceptions, to instead, as a window of opportunity for profound healing. Among the many beautiful rituals you can undertake in your journey of discovering your inner magic, is integrating altar work into your personal spiritual practice. Altars go as far back as the existence of our indigenous ancestors. Altars are a means of strengthening your connection to spirit by way of appreciation and respect as it relates to your spiritual practice.

Wanting to create an altar, but getting hung up on the self-limiting belief that you don’t know enough to articulate a “correct” altar by standards of external validation? I feel you. I once was there too. Truth is, no one can tell you how to correctly create an altar. The culmination that goes into the process of what it took to create your personal altar, will going to vary accordingly. Your altar is your personal magic. There will never be two in the same, because the way you interpret your connection to spirit is vastly different than the next person and that is what makes altar work powerful, in my humble opinion.

I will be teaching how to create a Spiritual Ancestral Altar in one of my The Shamans Ways 103 Workshop Classes.

It's always a good idea to have an altar to connect to your Ancestors and Spiritual Guides. On occasion a Healer can pray for you depending on the type of Altar they have.

If you are interested in learning more of the Indigenous Culture or you are drawn to the Shamanic Ways, go to my Facebook page, Mobile Psychic Soul Connections and under events, Sign up for my The Shamans Ways Classes.

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