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Soul Connections Candle

Introducing my new Soul Connections Candle Line.

Where the messages you want to here are inside the Candle. $12.99 plus shipping

CommuniCandle -

A message from the other side. From an Ancestor, Spirit Guide or a Loved One by Shamanic Seer Jeannie.

Soulfirmations Candle -

Affirmation Candles with Mantras and/or Mindfulness Exercises

Soulology Candle -

A Short Numerology or Astrology Reading.

Soulgenics Candle -

Your Life Purpose Reading

Candle will decorated with a Sacred Geometry/Mandala Symbol for healing. Dried Herbs & Flowers & Crystal Chips. Energy & Sound Healed & Made with the highest intention of Love.

Because each will be made specifically for you, as you order, I will not have them stocked.

To place an order, simply contact me, by fb messenger, text, email. Or on my website which they will be posted.

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