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The Frequency of Emotions and The Earth Frequency (Schumann Resonance)

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

By JahNette Payette

We feel a lot of emotions all the time. It is our way to interact with the surrounding world. Everything happening in our lives triggers particular feelings or states of the mood, which are positive, negative, and more or less neutral. Now imagine that the entire humanity produces emotions that make up a collective consciousness. Every single emotion or feeling has its own frequency of vibration. There are high- and low-frequency emotions.

For a long time, the constant aimlessness, dissatisfaction, and claims have been generating the low-frequency vibrations. According to multiple scientific studies, the planet’s frequency (also known as Schumann resonance) has increased to more than 30 Hz today while the average frequency of the offense, for example, fluctuates from 0,6 to 3,3 Hz.

The gap in the frequency of vibrations (ours and the planet’s) might not be so critical if the Earth frequency was 7,6 – 7,8 Hz as before. However, it has already reached 30 Hz, which clearly shows that our planet is changing, and we can’t stay the same. All in all, it’s just a theory since an average person can neither test these data nor diagnose his/her own frequency of vibrations.


First, the root cause for most physical and mental diseases is parasites. Keep in mind, if you don’t feel them inside of you, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there indeed.

The easiest way to test if you have parasites or not is to analyze your social surroundings. Do you know vampiric people who live in negativism, complain about everything, and produce other low-frequency emotions? Commonly, they are also dissatisfied with everything they have: life, wife, husband, or whatever…

Usually, people underestimate the destructive influence of such “negative” personalities on their lives and don’t do anything to stop suffering from the pressure. The parasites inside of your body and your life are the first sign showing that you aren’t high-vibrational at the moment.

At this step, we may face the next question. What if our parents, closest friends, or even spouses, may fall into this category? What if you share a room or apartment with them? You can start by undergoing a complex anti-parasite program. The changes inside of your body will lead to life changes; everything is interrelated.

The next step of self-diagnosis is to ask yourself whether you wear old or second-hand clothing, do use quality cosmetics, or do you use it at all? Do you sometimes pamper yourself with a spa or anything similar that reveals your self-love? If you try to save money by cutting spendings on yourself, you have little chances to be happy, and consequently, the frequency of your vibrations can’t increase.

The third question arose: how busy are you? Are you engaged with anything else besides your daily obligations? Do you have a zest for life, or are you just killing time in the attempts to fill your life with anything else? Especially during the quarantine when you have more time for yourself and for doing what you love the most.

If you’re busy, doing something that brings you pleasure and evokes your zest for life, then all the key points mentioned above are positively implemented by default, and your high-vibrational potential is activated.

By keeping your high - vibration, you shift and send your hi-vibration out to Schumans Resonance and out to Mother Earth.

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