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How does the universe’s changes affect our vibration?

The more in tune you are with the universe, the more ascend you are, then your energy is lighter and you are more connected to the shifts of the cosmos. It is true that the shifts affect many of you as you sense the movement of energy leaving one aspect and entering another. As this energy moves, it can be sensed and the stronger it is, the more of an effect it has in your energy field.

Don’t worry, this energy is not harmful; it is only transcending and shifting. What occurs is that you pick up those energy transmissions while they are in shift, because they are all around the universe flying onto their destination. Think of it like a moving energy field that is out of its original position. As it moves, so does its energy that affects all those sensitive energy fields around (you). Once this moving energy field settles in its place, then the energy it transmits is set in a specific setting and goal so it can no longer affect the surrounding energy fields (you).

If you are wondering why you feel the shifts and others don’t, the answer might surprise you. You are experiencing these shifts of energy because you are drawn to them. As these shifts supercharge your energy field, you become overcharged and this might cause you stress, tension, headaches, dizziness and other sort of symptoms that occur because of the excess energy. Consider yourself similar to a gemstone, you become charged by the environment, from the universe’s energy transmissions. If however your energy field is closed, you don’t allow those transmissions to affect you, simply because you are not drawn to them. People who experience these shifts are often those who undergo an expansion of some sort. If you are ascending, you are moving as well, your energy is open and more connected to the universe that is going through the same thing. If you face a setting point in your life, an important period that directs your whole path and purpose, then again, your energy is open and shifting. The same occurs to any important life event in your life that causes you to learn and expand as a person. Even if you know you are experiencing such an event or not, if you find yourself more sensitive to the energy of cosmic shifts, then you’re energy is open and transmutes energy with the cosmos that undergoes the same process. You are shifting and expanding along with it.

Some of you might wonder if the powerful energetic shifts can harm you in any way. You are keen to face “supercharged” symptoms such as those mentioned above, but as the shifts ends, you will gradually return to your natural state of energy, so those shifts won’t bother you any longer. Other than that, the energy of the cosmos cannot harm you.

As your energy is open, as you are ascending and growing, you do need those energy transmissions from the universe to charge you and help you with your own transformation. So even if you experience some negative symptoms, the overall effects are positive for you and quite possibly needed. As the shift of the cosmic energy ends, you will find yourself more aware, more connected with yourself and with everything all around, you will emanate a glow and receive a happy mood boost. So if you find yourself experiencing these negative side effects when in a cosmic shift, your energy needed a recharge. How can a gemstone offer energy to their owners if not charged? How can a machine such as phone, work if it doesn’t have a battery? Those cosmic shifts don’t happen randomly, they are in fact there to benefit you as well, as with anything else, nothing happens randomly.

Cleanse your Aura, don't blame all the negativity on the universe. Set an intention and speak it out loud with determination. “I will not receive any effects or side effects from this shift. And so it is done.” Intention is very powerful, all you need is set your intention. You are in charge of your energy and power, the cosmos is trying to help you but not if help is not needed.

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